Basil Poledouris: farewell to the king
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In July 2006, Basil Poledouris traveled to Spain to be the main guest of the Second International Film Music Festival of the City of Ubeda. Already very ill, he was also unstoppable, and enjoyed every minute of his stay in Ubeda. He was delighted to meet his fans, he loved conducting his Conan The Barbarian symphonic suite in front of the audience, and was moved to tears by the long standing ovation following his powerful performance.


The interview you’re about to read is nothing less than a miracle. It took place only a few hours before the concert, and as busy has he was, Basil was very enthusiastic to share his memories during a long and exciting talk. We had no idea at the time, but because of his passing a few months later, it would be his last interview.


The next day, while we were both enjoying a light Spanish beer during the closing party of the festival, we came to talk of his illness, and the surgery he had gone through only a few days before. As I was telling him that he shouldn’t have come, that maybe he should have stayed and rested, he looked at me with an enigmatic smile and said, «I had the choice. I could have stayed in this hospital bed, I could have stayed and died. Or I could get up and live. I chose life !».


Basil was not only a gifted composer, a gentle, passionate, wonderful human being; he was a real hero. A true king. Farewell, my king.


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