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Despite a strange logo and a rather abstract brand name, Varèse Sarabande has a special meaning to all film music fans. Born in 1978 from the merger of Tom Null’s Sarabande Records with Christopher Kuchler’s Varèse International, a publisher of classical music, Varèse Sarabande Records became the first label dedicated to film music. A decade later, after a brief passage of Richard Kraft (future agent of Jerry Goldsmith and Danny Elfman, among others) at the head of the label, Robert Townson took charge of the production, a position he still holds today.

Robert Townson is an enthusiast, passionate man, especially about film music. At the age of 19, he launched his own dedicated label, Masters Film Music, before taking the helm of the film music division at Varèse Sarabande in 1989. Shortly after, he created the famous Varèse Sarabande CD Club, and produced since that day an impressive number of scores: in just twenty-five years, he is responsible for publishing nearly a thousand albums. He is also preparing to celebrate his one thousandth album which, even if it has not yet been officially announced, promises to fulfill the expectations of many aficionados, according to the evidence leaked on the internet. And if that wise businessman does not disclose in this interview the title of this important release, he reveals everything else, from his beginnings in the records production to the artistic and commercial aspects of his job, from his relationship with the greatest film music composers to his involvement in the organization of the Ubeda and Tenerife festivals…





Olivier Desbrosses

Olivier Desbrosses

Rédacteur en chef
C’est grâce au Star Wars de John Williams qu’Olivier a découvert en 1977 la musique de film, une passion qui ne l’a jamais quitté depuis. Après avoir poursuivi des études de cinéma et réalisé quelques court-métrages, il a bifurqué vers le journalisme, d’abord dans l’univers du fanzinat puis dans celui des magazines professionnels (Mad Movies…). Membre de l’International Film Music Critics Association, il a fondé en 2008 le webzine UnderScores, au sein duquel il exerce depuis lors la fonction de rédacteur en chef, et a récemment contribué à l’ouvrage collectif John Williams : un alchimiste à Hollywood publié aux Editions l’Harmattan.
Olivier Desbrosses

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